Reviews from current and past students

Jan 10, 2018 by L. Argabrite

Master Kelley’s passion for the art of jujitsu is clearly evident from the moment you walk through the doors of the dojo. He is a great instructor, knowing how to adapt the class to each person’s needs and to where they are at in their journey. There is so much wisdom and much to learn from him that strains off from more than just self-defense moves. He will help you establish confidence, patience and help you find ways to overcome challenges. I find myself looking forward to each class and not only learn a great deal, but enjoy myself wholeheartedly as well. I would definitely recommend The Jujitsu School of Defense to anyone who is thinking about taking up this art!

Apr 17 2014 by ericka g ...

Master Kelley absolutely knows what he is talking about and teaches with great passion for the art! He runs a fantastic dojo! He is very knowledgeable, patient and definitely challenges you in a positive way to help you succeed and build the confidence he knows lies inside of you! I can't wait till the next class. My two daughters and I are taking it together and are learning while having fun doing it. His staff along with himself are so great with instructing my girls to their abilities and more so they get to enjoy the art of Jujitsu! They think it's the coolest thing that they can lift and throw someone almost twice their weight over their shoulder within the first class. I recommend anyone who has been on the fence to learn to come here to do it!

Feb 17 2014 by J. Lehman...

My experience at this school was fantastic. Rob was extremely nice and made sure i felt comfortable with everything he was teaching me to do. He was also very positive about my progress even though i giggled through the majority of the lesson. He, also, gave a tour of the school and the people involved with it before we began any sort of lesson. I would recommend the Jujitsu School of Self-Defense to anyone who is interested in learning to protect themselves.

Aug 25 2013 by PaulRMcC...

I have known Master Kelly for over 20 years. He is a dedicated, committed Martial Artist who is passionate about his art. From his youth, he dedicated himself to learning his art to perfection. He has now committed himself to passing on his knowledge, experience, and passion to his students. Master Kelly's expertise in self-defense is demonstrated in his classes as he prepares his students to face a sometimes dangerous world. Martial Arts is one of the best methods for helping young and old alike develop a more disciplined life that will overflow into their daily routines. The Arts helps people become better students, employees, and parents. Master Kelly is passionate about his discipline and will encourage the same in his students. I recommend Master Kelly and the Jujitsu School of Self-Defense without hesitation. It will not take more than one class for both parent and student to realize that they have made a great choice.

Aug 25 2013 by Becca P...

 Been studying here for a long time and it is fantastic. We are a family and we all get along great. The instructors are great teachers and the fighting style could not be better suited to how I and a lot of other people learn.


If not us… Who?

Picking the right martial arts school can be a huge undertaking. It’s a given that we would love to have you here at the Jujitsu School of Self-Defense, but there are many factors to consider when picking the best school for you. To help you find the best school for your goals I want to offer you a buyer’s guide. There are three basic things to consider when finding the best fit for your martial arts needs… You, the instructor, and the facility.

You – Before you start your search for a dojo, search yourself first. Ask yourself what you are looking for in a martial arts experience. Are you looking for self-defense, sport/tournaments, or a good work out? Once you figure out what your goals are, this will help you find the best fit for yourself. For an example if you are looking for a workout, a kickboxing class may be a better fit for you than a self defense class because it will give you that upbeat cardio you are looking for. I would encourage any student new to the martial arts to try out several schools before finding a permanent home. Trying out different schools will help you discover what you are looking for. Also while trying out new schools, don’t be afraid to change your mind. If you thought you only wanted a work out, but then found that the sport/tournament piece of the martial arts really grabs your interest, then pursue that avenue. Martial arts is about self discovery, finding a better version of yourself, often we start down one path only to find out that at the end of the journey we are at a completely different road… That’s the fun part of the martial arts!

The Instructor – So you have discovered what you want to study and now are looking for the right person to educate you on your journey. Let’s face the basic fact… Martial arts is a business… and while most are honorable a few instructors will say and do almost anything to get you in the door. They may falsify their own rank, or promise that their system is the best for this or that. So how does one who is a beginner to this experience find the best, truthful, honorable instructor? Well first, let’s start with the instructor’s education. Certification in what they teach is helpful because it shows an outside agency or group backing the knowledge and ability of the instructor, they should have clear documentation that states when and where they have received their rankings, and should be up front and direct about their rankings. There shouldn’t be any vague statements like “I have studied all my life…” or “I have been to several martial arts schools…” The years and schools they have obtained their training should be offered up like one offers a birth date or a social security number. Transparency is the key here. Remember you are trusting this individual with your health if you are going to them for an aerobic workout, your safety if you are going to them for sports tournaments, and your life if you are going to them for self-defense.

The Facility – Now believe it or not this is the easiest part to the journey. A building, is a building, is a building… Some very good instructors operate out of their own dojo, a garage, or a rented sight such as a health club or other facility. There are some advantages and disadvantages to these different types of facilities. I know of one school not far from here where the instructor is very gifted but operates out of his garage. Why would I go to the garage dojo you ask… Maybe its because I have a soft spot in my heart for them as I once started that way… but mostly because I know that the instructor of this space is also the owner of this space, which in all likely hood will promote longevity. If the instructor is teaching in a rented facility check on the priority of the owners of the space. If class is taught at a public hall and a wedding or party is scheduled during class time, will the class be the one that is cancelled. Plus, should the facility decide that they don’t want the class in their building you as a student lose out on all that work you have invested (If Black Belt was your goal, you may now have to start all over at another school.) As long as the facility keeps you warm, dry and has plenty of space to move for what you are looking for then you should be fine. It all goes back to the issue of the quality of an instructor teaching what you want to learn and in a way you want to learn. Better a good instructor in a garage or basement than a poor one in a fancy facility.

I hope this was helpful and offers you, as a beginning student, a good jumping off point. Should you have any questions feel free to contact me through the information on this web site. Should you decide not to become a student of the Jujitsu School of Self-Defense I will still be more than happy to help you find the right path for your adventure.