JUjitsu School of self defense

Don Lewis, a 22 year old martial artist, started Waboku Jujitsu around the year 1970 . Don modified a traditional Jujitsu system to meet the criteria of modern physical education, techniques, knowledge, modern opponents, weapons, current legal regulations, and the typical American culture and students.  Having studied many systems of martial arts since he was eight, Don held degrees in a number of them.  He learned the realities of fighting side from 5 1/2 years on the street as an undercover agent.  His last year as an agent, he survived FIVE assassination attempts on his life. 
​Don and his wife Jane Lewis are both ordained American Baptist Ministers and have worked in the mental health field for the majority of their professional careers specializing in mental illness, sexual behavior issues, and operation of mental health and faith based organizations. Both Don and Jane are retired, as two driven people can be, from the professional life and are currently enjoying their life together on the mountain tops in Virginia.  

Found tucked away in the South West corner of Wayne County, Ohio in a small rural town of Big Prairie you will find The Jujitsu School of Self Defense. Here in these walls filled with tradition and honor you will find the proud home of Waboku Jujitsu. 

Often we are asked what makes the Jujitsu School of Self Defense different from other martial art schools. To start with the Waboku Jujitsu system is designed to be a pure self defense, changing as the times and needs of the population require. It doesn't get stuck in the basic statement like "this is how it was done 200 years ago and so we do it this way now..." Sword defense is neat! But honestly, when was the last time you were attacked with a sword?

Second, Waboku jujitsu is easy to learn and easy to remember using what a person would natural do if confronted in a self defense situation... with some small changes... It only makes sense that we would build a fighting style on what mother nature gave us naturally! Jumping in the air and doing three kicks to your attackers head is cool! However mix in a long day at work, high heels, a hard side walk, and a nasty curb... that three kick combo, just isn't natural...

Lastly and most important... At the Jujitsu School of Self Defense we structure our classes around a club or family atmosphere. We DO NOT operate as a traditional martial school would with all the proper fan fare and old traditions. Lets face it, we learn better when we are comfortable, relaxed, and around friends. We spend all day at work with bosses and at times grumpy people. Do you really need another boss telling you that because you didn't show the proper respect entering the dojo you must now do 10 push ups and because you didn't say "yes sir" it is now 20! I thought forced exercise went away when we left high school gym...

We have, and will continue to, build our dojo around one word..."family"... This is what makes us different and this mindset is all that matters... each one of our students is there to help the other students grow... with the ending prize being not that of black belt, but finding within each of us a better version of ourselves. This is what makes us different.

Grand Master Don Lewis

meet the Master Black Belts and the Proud Home of Waboku Jujitsu

Master Rob Kelley, a college degree educator, has been a Black Belt in Waboku Jujitsu for over 20 years and a Master Black Belt for over 15 years.  He also holds 2 Black Belts in other unrelated systems.  He is a certified Instructor through Stay Alive inc and has been operating his own martial art school, the Jujitsu School of Self Defense, for 20 years. His classes are built around the science of body mechanics and natural movement increasing the success of the students needs.  He also currently works in law enforcement through a local juvenile court and has held employment elsewhere as an alcohol and drug counselor and mental health professional. 

Master Rob Kelley

Often we look for a sign to change our life... here it is...